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Simple Mills Paleo Pumpkin Muffins


I haven’t posted in awhile because I changed my diet and have been trying to figure out how to navigate this new way of cooking.  I had some minor health problems which caused me to go semi-paleo. I say semi-paleo because I still eat butter, yogurt and cheese – just in moderation.  A lot of people will say that’s no paleo but I don’t care. I am eating what makes me feel good and healthy.  I am doing what is right for ME and nobody else knows my body better than I do.

Since it’s the start of fall I have been craving anything and everything pumpkin.  I have looked at some gluten free products but they are mostly made with rice flour (which I do not digest well) and have a ton of sugar in them.  It has been a bit of a disappointment going to the store, seeing all the lovely pumpkin products and not being able to indulge in them.  So, I took matters in my own hands, did a Google search and came up with an online store that sells paleo pumpkin muffins.  I was ecstatic.  Not only were they muffins but they were good-for-you muffins. I hit the jackpot!

Here are the ingredients: Almonds, pumpkin, organic crystallized coconut nectar, arrowroot powder, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic ginger, organic allspice, organic cloves, organic vanilla beans, baking soda, celtic sea salt.

I got my overly expensive ($7.99 per bag) paleo pumpkin muffins in the mail yesterday.  One bag makes approx 9 muffins but I made 6 big muffins. You just add eggs, water and oil then bake. Super simple.

The muffins bake up quite nicely — moist and springy. They look exactly like the picture.  The taste is a little bland. Lots of pumpkin spice. Good pumpkin taste. But you can tell there isn’t a lot of sweetener in the muffins.

So, it kind of needs something sweet (honey or maple syrup) or savory to spread on it. I put a little bit of (non-paleo to some but paleo to me) butter and pumpkin butter on mine. It was fabulous!! The fiance put butter on his and didn’t even notice that it was a paleo muffin. He had one for breakfast as well without my encouragement.

I would totally buy these again and it is definitely nice to eat a bready product that is good for you. After eating I felt satisfied but not bloated or heavy or overly full. I felt good which is the opposite when I eat “normal” muffins. So, to me, it’s worth the steep price to get to eat muffins and satisfy my case of the pumpkins. Next is the chocolate muffin.